My Therapist

I’ve come to realize that I am very lucky to have found my therapist. Let’s call her B. B is well – amazing. B is very unconventional and quirky but professional and awesome all at the same time. No she is not perfect but we CLICK. Why I love B:

  • She has no problem sharing her past or similar experiences
  • She is always available
  • She keeps me grounded (even at 4am)
  • She will tell me details about her life
  • She’s human and she cares 🙄

Just like any other relationship, B does things I don’t like or agree with but we always work it out. From my other experiences with therapist and my own training as a social worker, I know I am blessed to have found B because I know she’s exactly what I need to get through this. I Hope.

*Did I mention she’s like 40 years older than me and white. Who would have thought we’d click?

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