Beyond Help

How do you know when you’ve reached the end of your therapists abilities? I think I have stomped my therapist. She was lost for words. Our last 2 sessions did not go well. I left angry at her, the process, and myself.

I can’t take medication consistently. It’s triggering af. Part of my abuse involved being drugged and every time I go to take my meds the abuse memories flood me. However, I have severe depression and mood swings, PMDD, and the occasional lapse of reality. Basically I need medication to function, but I can’t take it. I haven’t taken it in weeks and I’m severely depressed. Suicide had been on my mind constantly and therapy is almost impossible when I’m in this state. I can’t talk when I’m there. I have breakdowns anytime we try to talk about anything even remotely traumatic. I’m at a lost what to do. So is my therapist. We’re in a bit of a rupture and I don’t think either one of us is sure about how to move forward. She says she needs to do some research and talk to her colleagues for ideas. This does give me confidence in her or therapy. Don’t get me wrong I think B is a great therapist I’m just permanently damaged and beyond help. Suggestions???

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